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About TBI

Telos Biblical Institute is a venture that has grown out of a general concern of many pastors and educators with the state of theological training in America. This forward-looking theological project has sprung up because of our belief that anyone desiring a deeper knowledge of God’s truth ought to have access to it in the place where the Lord has placed them.

There are many Christians who, because of careers, busy pastorates, family responsibilities, or simply lack of opportunity, cannot afford the time (or many times the tuition) it takes to explore the Word of God at a greater level in our culture. The New Testament enjoins the Church to train those who, in turn, can train others. As it stands now, anyone who can pay the money can get the degree, and anyone who can get the degree can get the church. Sadly, most academic training programs end up shortchanging the practical and spiritual preparation of the student, especially in matters where Biblical qualifications are concerned.

Sadly, most academic training programs end up shortchanging the practical and spiritual preparation of the student, especially in matters where Biblical qualifications are concerned.

The effect of this state of affairs on the churches is disconcertingly evident to every Christian who loves the truth. Clearly it is time for a change.

The Advantages of Telos Biblical Institute:

Repeated studies, both in Europe and America have demonstrated that a well-instituted distance model can surpass a classroom model in effectiveness. We believe that a distance model, with emphasis on functional understanding and mentoring, can exceed a classroom-based model. The pioneering work of the Open University in the UK and the online classes that have been instituted by our universities here in America show that this education philosophy is producing impressive results. This can partly be explained by the fact that it takes a special commitment to be part of an online program. Hence, students are often better motivated. But we believe it is also true due to the kind of learning which modern technologies have made possible. This is the future!

The TBI Educational Policy is rooted in seven specific values:

  1. God has spoken and He must be heard.
  2. All Biblical training will arrange itself around the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  3. Solid teaching in Biblical truth ought not to carry a high price tag.
  4. Christian’s should be taught in the ministry-spheres where God has placed them.
  5. God’s people should be helped to develop and maintain a Christian worldview.
  6. Spiritual and academic mentoring should be part of a theological education.
  7. Well-rounded theological training includes relational and communication skills.

What is a TBI Education? Our approach may be summed up in the expression “Inquiro Veritas” from the Latin, meaning, “Search for Truth!” We believe it is incumbent upon the Christian to search in faith, that is, to search God’s revealed Word in faith that God is speaking, guiding, and directing through Scripture. What we seek to produce in our students is both a confident grasp of the contents of Holy Scripture and a developed appreciation of the Christian Worldview and its practical application to daily living. To this end we have developed “The Telos Purpose, Distincives, and Ethos.” These lend a distinctive mark to the School’s training.

In most seminaries, theological and biblical studies are often taught as subjects to “pass.” At Telos, theology is viewed as God’s disclosure of Himself and His world, and our purpose within it.

At Telos, theology is viewed as God’s disclosure of Himself and His world, and our purpose within it.

Taking a cue from Col. 1:9-10 we believe that “wisdom and spiritual understanding” are perfected when we “walk worthy of Him.” By these two sources (which we would equate to biblical knowledge and its practical application) we “increase in the knowledge of God.”

Studying with Telos Biblical Institute includes a commitment from the prospective student and faculty to our policy – centered on the motto: “Inquiro Veritas”. Along with log-in credentials, tuition paid students are enrolled by TBI staff in the appropriate web based Course system and all enrolled Courses will appear in the Student Courses web page of, making Course, Module and Unit syllabus, Course MP3 audios and other needed resources available to view, update, and download. The student will be contacted by the professor, who will introduce himself and explain why the course is important and what its aims are. The student will be in touch with the professor (and fellow students in the class) on a regular basis via the internet and conference calling. We are interesting in you learning the material and in helping you to apply what you’ve learned to everyday life. The professor is there to facilitate your growth in wisdom and knowledge.


TBI curriculum is developed to focus on the following values:

  • Personal knowledge of the contents of Scripture
  • A working knowledge of the original languages of the Bible – Hebrew and Greek
  • Sound interpretive principles
  • Solid theological fundamentals
  • Integrated Biblical worldviews and apologetics
  • Competence in moving from exegesis to exposition
  • Personal application of the biblical doctrine to life
  • Skill in written and verbal communication

TBI offers courses through interactive online classes, workshops, professor/student mentoring, selective intensive courses, and conferences.


The following degrees and certificates are offered through TBI:

  • Bachelor of Biblical Studies
  • Bachelor of Theological Studies
  • Masters of Biblical Studies
  • Masters of Theological Studies
  • Masters of Divinity

“The ultimate goal of our quest is a knowledge of God. We are not interested in doctrines merely as doctrines, but as they bring us to know God.”

- D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Great Doctrines of the Bible, 34.


Primary funding for the Telos Biblical Institute comes from God’s people who believe in what we are doing and who want to partner with us.