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Congratulations on your decision to enroll in courses at Telos Biblical Institute. It is our mission and sincere desire to help train and equip you to know the Word of God. Here are the steps to take to complete the enrollment process and begin taking your first course:

  1. Prayerfully consider the Degree Track that you wish to pursue. We recommend that you contact (email or phone) Telos staff to discuss the appropriate Track for you.
  2. Read the Telos Statement of Faith. Make sure you agree with it or can tell us where you might differ and why.
  3. Read the Telos Biblical Institute Policies. Make sure you understand and agree with them.
  4. Please fill out the Application for Enrollment, at the bottom of this page. Indicate on the Application that you have read and agree with the TBI's Policies and all conditions of the Application for Enrollment.
  5.  Pay the non-refundable Application Fee of $50 via our Paypal portal
    (quickest option), or mail a check for the non-refundable Application Fee of $50 to:
    Telos Theological Ministries
    Attn: Admissions
    P.O. Box 572, Redwood Valley, CA  95470
  6. You may mail copies of transcripts with your Application, have them sent to us by the appropriate institutions, or if you have them in scanned or other electronic form, you can email them to us.

We will review your Application and contact you shortly.

Upon approval we will enable your access to the Course Enrollment page.

Thank you,

Telos Theological Ministries staff

Application for Enrollment

Please complete this form, and either mail or email in any additional information required. Your submission of this application electronically is equivalent to your personal signature. Please be diligent to complete as accurately as possible.
  • Demographics

  • Personal

    If you do not agree in detail, please indicate in the following field where you disagree. We do accept students who disagree with our SOF, provided they can articulate and defend the difference(s) and provided the differences do not place them outside the pale of Biblical Christian orthodoxy. Note: Completing the rest of this form indicates that you are in full agreement with Telos regarding Biblical Marriage and sexual relations strictly within Biblical marital bounds (See Statement of Faith under the heading “Creation”
  • If space does not allow, or if you have a longer, written testimony, you can email it to us.
  • We'd like to get to know you so we can better help you in your Biblical and ministry education, in order to bless the church and other ministries you are involved with. How are you currently serving the Lord by serving His Body, the church? How do you think Telos Biblical Institute will increase the quality and depth of your service? How can we help you improve your serve?
    Have you ever been, or or you now serving time or on probation for any criminal activity?
    Are you presently or have you recently (in the past 3 years) struggled with or participated in any of these activities.
  • Please let us know if you'd like to explain your answer if it would help us understand your situation.
    If you are married, does your spouse understand, approve and support you devoting the time and financial resources to pursuing your studies with Telos?
    For students enrolling in our degree programs (not certificate programs) we require a letter of recommendation from a pastor/elder as to your aptitude and spiritual standing.
  • Please list the institutions of higher learning/education you have attended, together with qualifications/certificates/degrees earned, and years of attendance.
    Do the grades you received properly reflect your current abilities as a student? If not, please explain why things are different for you now as a student.
  • Have you ever been denied admission to any educational institution. If so, please explain. If not, write "no"
  • If there is any additional information you'd like to have us be aware of, or a comment about your application or enrollment expectations, please include it here. Pending approval of your application, when would you like to begin your first course?
  • By entering the Captcha letters and then clicking the Submit button you are hereby certifying: "I have not knowingly withheld any information that might adversely affect my chances for admission and the answers given by me are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I further certify that I have personally completed this application. I understand that omission or misstatement of material fact(s) on this application or on any attached documentation shall be grounds for rejection of this application or for immediate expulsion if I am admitted, regardless of the time elapsed before discovery. If admitted, I agree to assist in maintaining the spirit and letter of the Telos Ethos. I have read the school’s Statement of Faith and am in full agreement with all its assertions save in the exceptions I have noted above. If I am approved for enrollment in one of the degree programs and desire a "recommend" from Telos to a church or other ministry position, I am aware that such a recommendation is contingent upon more than the mere fulfillment of academic requirements, but is also dependent on display of good Christian character and testimony with Telos. I further understand that Telos does not wish to be nor claim to be accredited, except by God. I will promptly and immediately send in my Application Fee as assurance of my intent to enroll at Telos."