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APOL3301 - Introduction to Biblical Apologetics

A beginners course in Presuppositional Apologetics.  Biblical foundations for apologetics are examined and the right approach to unbelief is discussed.

APOL5301 - Apologetics (2)

This more in depth course is designed to show how the Christian should defend the Faith of the Bible without departing from the Bible. It familiarizes the student with the presuppositional method of apologetics associated with Cornelius Van Til, showing how it best lines up with the Bible’s own theology.

APOL3310 - Introduction to Biblical Worldview

This course describes in plain terms the overall picture of God, man and the world described in the Bible.  These concepts are essential to the formation of the Christian Mind.

APOL5310 - Biblical Worldview (2)

A course which examines the meaning and significance of worldview analysis. It studies the categorization and coherence of each worldview and demonstrates the necessity of developing the Christian worldview in an antagonistic culture.

APOL2305 - World Religions

The major religions of the world are examined and contrasted.  Their world and life views are searched out and compared against the Bible.

APOL4301 - Introduction to Philosophy

This course looks at some of the major players and ideas which have influenced Western thought.


BIBL2302 - Foundations for Hermeneutics

A course in basic interpretation of the biblical text.  Stress is put on the Bible's 'plain-sense' interpretation.

BIBL3301 - Old Testament Survey

Each major section of the Hebrew Bible is given an overview, with the major Books analyzed in some detail.

BIBL3302 - New Testament Survey

A companion course to Old Testament Survey.

BIBL5311 - The Pentateuch

In this course the Pentateuch is examined; its relation to the rest of the canon, its sacrificial and ceremonial teachings, and its theological contribution is studied. Stress is also laid upon the pivotal role of the biblical covenants.

BIBL5312 - Historical & Wisdom Books

This course looks at the Historical books and the Wisdom literature. Matters of chronology, background, genre and narrative structure are covered.

BIBL5313 -Old Testament Prophetic Books

This third installment covers the Major and Minor Prophets and their teachings. Critical issues such as dating, disputed authorship, etc. are also discussed.

BIBL6311 - The Four Gospels

An in-depth examination of the four Gospels, including the Synoptic Problem.

BIBL6312 - Acts - Philemon

In this course the Pauline corpus is studied so as to bring out the unique part played by each of the thirteen letters of the Apostle.

BIBL6313 - Hebrews - Revelation

The General Epistles and Revelation are analyzed to show their importance and relevance to the Church.

BIBL4222 - The Canon of Scripture

The Canon of the Old and New Testaments is studied from both a historical and biblical perspective. In this course the recent trends in Canon studies are scrutinized, including claims that the early church ‘corrupted’ the NT faith of the Apostles.


THEO2301 - Basic Theology 1

An introductory course in Biblical Doctrines using the Telos Statement of Faith as a guide.

THEO2302 - Basic Theology 2

The second part of the course on Bible Doctrine.

THEO3301 -Foundations of Theology 1

A systematic study of the major doctrines of Scripture from the standpoint of normative dispensationalism. This in-depth course and the two companion courses listed below are designed for counseling majors.

THEO3302 -Foundations of Theology 2

THEO3303 - Foundations of Theology 3

THEO3310 -Christian Life and Spirituality

A study of the principles of spiritual discipleship according to the pattern set out in the New Testament. The course explores “The Christian’s Priorities.”

THEO4301 - Prolegomena to Systematic Theology

This course considers the questions about the correct approach to Systematic Theology, the foundations of knowledge, Biblical epistemology,  together with the place and importance of the discipline to Christian Faith and Worldview.

THEO5301 -Systematic Theology IA: The Doctrine of the Person of God

A thorough study of the existence and attributes of God, including the doctrine of Trinity.

THEO5302 - Systematic Theology IB: The Doctrine of the Creation of God

Building upon THEO5301 this course covers Creation and Providence, the Decrees, Miracles, etc. There is also discussion of Angels and Demons.

THEO5303 - Systematic Theology II: The Doctrine of Revelation

This course is an in-depth study of God’s Self-disclosure. It discusses both General and Special Revelation,  inspiration, inerrancy, etc., as well as offering a critique of various unbiblical formulations of revelation.

THEO5304 - Systematic Theology III: Doctrine of Man and Sin

This course offers thorough study of the “image of God,” the fall, sin and its effects, etc.

THEO5305 - Systematic Theology IV: The Doctrine of Christ and Salvation

A thorough study of Christ and His works, especially in securing our salvation. There will be a focus on the centrality of Christ for a proper understanding of God’s plan.

THEO5306 - Systematic Theology V: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit and the Church

This course examines the Person and work of the Holy Spirit in both Testaments. The course includes a thorough look at the Church and its Task.

THEO5307 - Systematic Theology VI: The Doctrine of the Last Things

An examination of both personal and general eschatology and its influence upon Christian thinking. The place of Israel and the importance of the Second Coming is given special attention.

THEO6210 - Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology

An analysis of dispensationalism and its main competitor, covenant theology; although notice is taken of both progressive dispensationalism and new covenant theology. The strengths and weaknesses of these views will be explored.


BTBC2301 - Israel Through the Eyes of Scripture

This course follows the historical development of Israel through the pages of the Bible.

BTOT3301 - Biblical Theology of the Old Testament (1)

An exploration of the Bible's Plan with special stress laid on the purpose set out in creation and in the biblical covenants.  Covers the Pentateuch.

BTOT4301 - Biblical Theology of the Old Testament (2)

A continuation of the previous course, this time focusing in on the Prophetic Books.  The character of each biblical covenant and its relation to the new covenant is analyzed.

BTNT5301 - Biblical Theology of the New Testament

This is the third part of our Biblical Theology courses covering the whole Bible.  In this course questions about the use of the OT in the NT are discussed in process of a continuation of the discussion of the role of the biblical covenants in the last course.

BTBC5310 - Biblical Covenantalism

Composed of material from the three courses of Biblical Theology, here special attention is given to the way the Bible's own covenants govern its Story.


PAST3301 - Preaching and Preachers

This course is designed to connect the ministerial student with the great legacy of preaching in the Church. The mighty privilege and holy responsibility to feed the flock is stressed, and lessons learn from the history of preaching.

PAST5301 - Biblical Christian Ethics

A general introduction to theories of ethics with a biblical critique of non-Christian theories and a clear presentation of the Christian approach to ethics. This involves a balanced purpose-standard-dispositional approach.

PAST3303 - Pastoral Theology

The pastor is to be God-called and Christ-focused. This course is designed to examine the role of the biblical elder with special attention being given to the biblical passages pertinent to the office.

PAST5305 - The Sermon

The expository sermon is at the very center of a Christ-focused ministry. In this course the student learns how to study out and prepare good sermons. Included in this class are analyses of some of the sermons of Calvin, Goodwin, Watson, Edwards, Spurgeon, Maclaren, and Lloyd-Jones and others luminaries of the pulpit.

PAST5306 - The Life, Walk and Trial of Faith

The life of a true under-shepherd is not an easy one. He must encourage the faith of his flock while having his own faith assailed in various ways. This is an unvarnished yet encouraging study of the life of faith.


HIST3301 - Church History (1)

A study of the history of the Church from its inception through to the verge of the Reformation.

HIST3302 - Church History (2)

Continuing the study from the Reformers into the modern era.

HIST2301 - History of Israel

A course which tracks the history of O.T. Israel using the Bible and other sources to fill out a picture of the ups and downs of God's chosen nation.


ANTH1301 - Introduction to Biblical Counseling

An introduction to the various aspects of counseling that instills confidence in helping others with spiritual and emotional needs. Included is an examination of the myths developed by the feminist movement that have invaded and twisted the Biblical roles of men and women.

ANTH4301 - Marriage Counseling

The marriage compact is the cornerstone of society and should be exemplified in the union between believers. But Christian marriages are a special target of the evil one. Problems of all kinds can arise. These must be dealt with by focusing on the Lordship of Christ.

ANTH5301 - Crisis Counseling

This course examines the issues associated with addictions to various sins (alcoholism, pornography, drugs, etc.). It also addresses the problems of abuse and of homosexuality.


MISS2301 - Missions in Biblical and Historical Perspective

A course which examines both the history of missions, including its successes and failures, and analyzes the biblical material to discover what is and is not a truly Christian mission.


Telos is fully committed to the necessity of instruction in the languages of the Bible. While not an end in themselves they are needed if the goal of precise interpretation is to be realized.

HEBR3301 - HEBR4304 (3 Hrs per course) - Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

All the elements of basic Hebrew will be thoroughly presented. The instruction provides an excellent foundation for the exegetical courses that follow.

GREE3301 - GREE4304 (3 Hrs per course) - Introduction to Biblical Greek

These courses form a solid foundation in basic grammar for continuing Greek translation and exegesis.

Exegesis Courses:

Exegesis courses in Hebrew and Greek to be announced.


These courses study the text of the the following Bible Books in detail:

EBIB4301-4302 - The Book of Genesis (1 & 2)

EBIB4324 - The Book of Isaiah

EBIB4328 - The Book of Daniel

EBIB4329 - The Book of Matthew

EBIB4334-4335 - The Book of Romans (1 & 2)

EBIB4336 - The Book of First Corinthians

EBIB4338 - The Book of Galatians

EBIB4339 - The Book of Ephesians

EBIB4340 - The Books of Philippians and Colossians

EBIB4341 - The Books of First and Second Thessalonians

EBIB4343 - The Book of Hebrews

EBIB4347-4348 - The Book of Revelation (1 & 2)



BIBL5302 - Advanced Hermeneutics

This study is a development and expansion of the principles of biblical interpretation. The importance of the Grammatical-Historical method, consistently applied to produce the dispensational system, is contrasted with the less consistent system of covenant theology.

APOL6301 - Advanced Apologetics

This course is devoted mainly to an in-depth study of the varieties of apologetic methodology. The student is exposed to five apologetic systems and works through to a fuller appreciation of a biblical model.

THEO7310 - Old Testament Theology

Selected OT passages are examined to see how the Grammatical-Historical method produces a sound interpretation which is grounded in detailed exegesis of the biblical text. Different genre forms are handled to demonstrate the truth that any departure from a consistent method is unwarranted.

THEO7320 - New Testament Theology

As BIBL7310 but dealing with selected passages in the NT.

THEO8330 0 Seminar in Historical Theology

A special area of study within the history of doctrine will be investigated through lectures, guided reading and research.

THEO8350 - Readings in Systematic & Biblical Theology

A guided course of reading in many areas of biblical theology, hermeneutics, and systematic theology. The student will work with an advisor while thinking through the varied materials. Once again, the direction of the course will be toward normative dispensational theology.

THEO8360 - Readings in Eschatology

A guided set of study in all aspects of eschatology; personal and general. The student will work with an advisor while working through the materials.

THEO7301 - Historical Theology

The history of doctrine is vital if one is to gain a well rounded appreciation of theology. The many disputes and controversies, as well as the individuals involved, are discussed up until Medieval times.

THEO7302 - The Theology of Karl Barth

Like it or not Barth stands astride much of the discourse in the broader theological world.  This seminar discusses the contributions, pro and con, of the Swiss theologian.

THEO7310 - Issues in Dispensationalism

This seminar acquaints the student with the various issues which have arisen and are arising within dispensational studies. These issues include the older matters of the timing of the Rapture, the identification of the economies, etc., to the possible effects of modern hermeneutical theories upon the notion of Grammatical-Historical interpretation and single meaning. Progressive dispensationalism is studied as a product of these issues.  Biblical Covenantalism is proposed as a more encompassing system.

THEO8301 - Issues in Theology

This course analyzes the many contemporary theological movements and teachings which impact the church at large, bringing them before the bar of the Word of God.

HIST4303 - Special Studies in Church History

In this course the student will interact with the Professor in choosing a particular epoch in Church History to do more detailed investigation in.

APOL7301 - Advanced Worldview

A further exploration into the elements of this increasingly important area of study. A special emphasis will be laid upon the student’s ability to incorporate different facts and data into an integrated outlook based upon biblical revelation.

APOL7302 - Critical Examination of World Religious Systems

A course that assesses major religions and cults from primary sources and looks for similarities and divergences from Scripture. The texts which claim for themselves special “divine” authority will be given particular attention. The superiority of the Bible above all-comers will be demonstrated.

PHIL8301 - History of Philosophy 1

This course assesses the history of philosophy from the Pre-Socratics to Aquinas. The story of philosophy is assessed from a Christian-biblical point of view.

PHIL8302 - History of Philosophy 2

A continuation of (PHIL8302) that studies the history of philosophy from Medieval Nominalism through to the modern period.

PHIL9301 - Philosophy of Religion

A study of such important issues as the possibility of natural theology, the theistic arguments, the problem of evil, the relationship of God and time, religious language and the knowability of God.

APOL9301 - Readings in Apologetics & Worldview

A directed course of reading of a wide range of authors on apologetic and worldview issues. Authors include Lewis, Schaeffer, Schlossberg, Kuyper, Dooyeweerd, Van Til, Blamires, Henry, etc.

THEO6307 - Puritan Theology and Ministry

A readings seminar examining the theology of the leading Puritans and the way they understood their calling.