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Tuition and Fees

Tuition is Per Course:

Tuition and Course Length depend on enrollment in a Graduate or Undergraduate Degree Track. (For purposes of the following tuition fee and Extension fee/length schedule, Certificate and Diploma students are considered Undergraduates.)

Degree Track Tuition Course Length Extension Fee* Extension Length*
Graduate $260 10 Weeks $45 4 Weeks
Undergraduate $200 8 Weeks $25 2 Weeks


*Students should be prepared to devote the time resources necessary to complete each course. However, we also recognize that certain circumstances can arise, especially in ministry, which require an extension of the time to complete a course.

One extension per course is allowed, with the above noted fee. You must notify us and remit the extension fee before the course due date for an extension to be allowed. Failure to notify and remit the extension fee will result in an Incomplete grade for the course.

Or, Audit A Course: You may audit a course for personal edification, without becoming a student, paying the enrollment fee, or earning a grade. We kindly request that you make a donation to help us minister to you and others. Please contact Telos to enroll in an audit course and we'll be happy to do so.