Biblical Covenants - Consistent Hermeneutics

What We Do

Telos Bible Institute, an on-line seminary, offers theologically rich, Christ-centered, Scripturally grounded, high quality degrees in Bible, Systematic Theology, Apologetics and Worldview, Church History, Biblical Counseling, and more.

TBI is online theological education, so you can grow in knowledge and service right where you live. The program is academically thorough, yet highly relational and personal. We care more that you grasp and Bible with Mousecomprehend what is being taught than that you're good at passing tests. Through lectures, carefully chosen textbooks (many by the classic Christian authors), and personal interaction with our teachers, you will be mentored through the material in order to bring you to a fuller appreciation of our great Savior and Lord, and greater competency in handling his Word.

TBI is a ministry built to strengthen the Body of Christ in wisdom and knowledge. By "knowledge" we mean comprehension of God's revelation in the Bible. By "wisdom" we mean the utilization of that knowledge in everyday living. We desire that the saints see that real theology is life played to the tune of God's Word.

TBI is intentionally affordable so you can obtain a quality Biblical education without breaking the bank.

TBI has genuine integrity, theological, academic, and Biblical. Our courses are designed, taught by, and your classes are administered personally by men of long theological, authorial and pastoral experience and commitment.

Or, if you prefer, you can just take classes for personal edification. Course tuition is kept affordable to enable anyone who wishes to study the whole counsel of God.

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