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TBI Enrolled Students:

  1. If you are currently enrolled at Telos Biblical Institute (Application accepted and fee paid) you should have obtained/received login credentials (Student ID and Password).
    1. If not, please Enroll at Telos, then proceed to Step 2 here.
  2. Log in using the Student Login on this page, or if you've already logged in, your username will be displayed to the left.
    1. If you've not yet Enrolled in/paid for a Course, you must do so before proceeding to step 3. Select Students/Course->Students-Enroll in a Course. Once you've done so, and Telos staff has notified you that your enrollment in that particular course has been enabled, proceed to step 3 here.
  3. For Enrolled Students, Enrolled in a Course: From the Students/Courses menu, select the Course theological area/discipline for your Course.
  4. Scroll down to your currently enrolled Course and your Course Modules, Quizzes and Units will appear. (After the discipline area appears you may need to scroll down to find your enrolled Course. We suggest making a Bookmark in your browser to return to that Course quickly.
  5. If you're just starting the Course, click on the link to the first Unit of the first Module. If you're continuing a Course you've previously made progress on, click on the link to the Unit that is next in your Course.
  6. When you've completed a Module or a Unit that has an assignment requiring interaction with the teacher, email or contact the teacher with the appropriate completed assignment materials.
  7. When you've completed a Course, congratulations! Enroll in the next Course in your Program.

Prospective Students:

  1. Please, review our Course Catalog and read our Enroll at TBI menu items.

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