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    Telos Bible Institute, an on-line seminary, offers theologically rich, Christ-centered, Scripturally grounded, high quality degrees in Bible, Systematic Theology, Apologetics and Worldview, Church History, Biblical Counseling, and more.

    TBI is online theological education, so you can grow in knowledge and service right where you live. The program is academically thorough, yet highly relational and personal. We care more that you grasp and Bible with Mousecomprehend what is being taught than that you're good at passing tests. Through lectures, carefully chosen textbooks (many by the classic Christian authors), and personal interaction with our teachers, you will be mentored through the material in order to bring you to a fuller appreciation of our great Savior and Lord, and greater competency in handling his Word.

    TBI is a ministry built to strengthen the Body of Christ in wisdom and knowledge. By "knowledge" we mean comprehension of God's revelation in the Bible. By "wisdom" we mean the utilization of that knowledge in everyday living. We desire that the saints see that real theology is life played to the tune of God's Word.

    TBI is intentionally affordable so you can obtain a quality Biblical education without breaking the bank.

    TBI has genuine integrity, theological, academic, and Biblical. Our courses are designed, taught by, and your classes are administered personally by men of long theological, authorial and pastoral experience and commitment.

    Or, if you prefer, you can just take classes for personal edification. Course tuition is kept affordable to enable anyone who wishes to study the whole counsel of God.

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    Welcome from our President

    A friend of mine who knew him well told me how Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, that doyen of twentieth century preachers, once quipped,

    “If 90% of the country’s preachers didn’t bother to appear in their pulpits the next week it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference.”

    Of course, he was referring to the churches in the United Kingdom thirty years ago. But still, I have never been able to dislodge that statement from my mind since the day I heard it. It hasPresident Paul Henebury come to me when I have listened to preaching, or read about the state of the churches, or put the phone down after talking to another brother or sister in the faith who is being systematically starved in his or her local church.

    Every one knows the Church is ailing. There are many reasons for this: the pragmatism which governs the decision-making of those who select ministers and ministry programs; the overly genteel attitude towards false teaching of many who ought to know better;

    I have never been able to dislodge that statement from my mind since the day I heard it.

    the lack of confidence in the sufficiency of Scripture to address every situation authoritatively and with a unique precision. What is not apparent is how the situation is to be remedied. It is certain that the latest fads, the market-driven, purpose-driven, emergent-driven models, will be passé before very much longer, but only to be replaced by some equally alien solutions aimed at mending the Church man’s way instead of God’s way. There is nothing new about doing things God’s way. The right ideas have been with us for as long as the Church has been in existence. But the "price" to be paid is the lending of both ears to God and turning from whatever the world thinks it has to say.

    At Telos Biblical Institute, we have tried to think through this crucial matter of theological and ministerial training. We believe that following the established pattern of seminary education is not a good idea. We do not claim to be better than anybody else, but we are different, and we believe that the differences are important ones. For starters, TBI is a totally online degree-granting theological school. Yes, we will offer residential intensives, seminars and conferences, but the overwhelming bulk of the work is done via the internet. The rationale behind this is basically twofold:

    Firstly, we believe that society’s move to online education is actually a good thing (providing the content is carefully adapted and monitored). If I may insert a personal note just here: when I taught theology and apologetics my former seminary I soon began to notice that many of my best students, academically and spiritually, were extension and online learners. Their work was generally better thought out, their Christian service more involved, and their Christian walk more mature. I’m speaking from my own experience, but these students had careers or ministries or families or other situations that prevented them from attending traditional campuses. But that did not affect their schoolwork! Why was that? Well, I’m sure there are a number of reasons, but I believe that two are especially noteworthy: They are, a). motivation and, b). reflection. The former needs little explanation. You have to be motivated and self-disciplined to study this way. By “reflection” I mean that many of these students were able to apply what they were being taught to their own personal situations in the place where the Lord had placed them. They reflected on the material and incorporated it into their personal interactions with their neighbors.

    The second reason for TBI being an online venue is because we hold that there is something not quite right with a Christian (usually a young person) leaving a church where God wants them and going off to seminary in another part of the country, and not unusually incurring debt in the process. While we are not against the traditional model for some believers, we believe that it has encouraged many churches to opt-out of their responsibility to equip men and women for the service of Christ. We also feel that accreditation from the world is unnecessary and has come at a high price - literally, for the student. We want to redress the balance a little.

    We are excited about the work which God has called us to, and we believe absolutely that what we are doing is valuable and that it will, under God, do much good both to those saints who study with us, and to the ministries and other life-situations they impact.

    Your brother,

    Paul Martin Henebury, Ph.D

– The Mind of Christ –

Telos places the emphasis on biblical thinking

– 2 Tim. 3:16, 2 Cor. 10:5

– Telos is affordable –

Making undergraduate and graduate degrees available at a fraction of the price of conventional seminaries

 Average Seminary Course – $850+

Telos Graduate Level Course – $260
Telos Institute Level Course - $200

– Relational –

Telos stresses the individual’s relationship with God and others

– Telos & the Local Church –

Bringing biblical training back to the local church:

Scripture was written for YOU!

– Gods Truth –

Telos views the Bible as God’s Truth, not just a course subject

– Unapologetically Biblical –

Standing for traditionally conservative views without apologies to naturalism or modern biblical criticism

Personal Experience – Tony Garland

My interactions with Dr. Henebury have been timely and thoughtfully responded to -- as are his interactions with the considerable number who interact with his observations on his blog. Having hosted Dr. Henebury and his family at our home, I can attest that he and his wife are committed to raising a strong Christian family by modeling and teaching their children a worldview which combines a commitment to the reliability of the Bible with a solid understanding of modern science. I also consider Dr Henebury as a mentor: his breadth of exposure to theological movements and writings far exceeds my own and his insights into the Bible often serve to broaden my own understanding of Christian theology and history.

Dr Henebury is ideally gifted to lead Telos Biblical Institute.

Tony Garland

Bible Teacher,

Endorsements & Experiences

"Today's mobile yet highly connected world permits--perhaps demands--alternative models of theological education, including distance learning. Telos Biblical Institute provides an excellent example of such a model. With its sound curriculum, quality of standards and expectations, and firm commitment to the whole Bible as the revelatory Word of God, TBI fills a niche that is likely to be attractive to students seeking a program geared to the less structured world in which many live."

Eugene H. Merrill, PhD

Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studies

Dallas Theological Seminary

Endorsement – Tony Garland

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Henebury as a friend, mentor, and colleague. Dr. Henebury possesses an exceptional memory and grasp of logic along with a broad exposure to theological writers and church history -- all of this grounded solidly in a Biblical worldview -- to provide reliable and insightful instruction for students of the seminary. Dr. Henebury does not shy away from difficult subjects or communications and can be relied upon to speak the truth in love, without any tendency to water down what he sees taught in Scripture.

Tony Garland

Bible Teacher.

"I recommend Telos Biblical Institute to friends and acquaintances often for several reasons; the courses at Telos are rigorous, the breadth of resources we are exposed to is wide, the course material is taught with a pastoral heart, the costs are low, and the staff is highly competent. I have been studying at Telos since 2008 and have grown tremendously as a result. A major reason I continue to study at Telos is that the staff minister to the students as well as teach them. Telos is a great choice for those of us who already have full time jobs and ministries, where full time seminary education is not an option or not necessary."

Jason Schaitel

Francis Schaeffer Studies co-founder

Experienced Perspective

Telos Biblical Institute responds to the call, "Be diligent to present yourself to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth." (2 Tim 2:15). With depth of curriculum and doctrinal accuracy, TBI responds to the educational needs of local ministers who require flexibility and creativity as part of the learning process. Uncompromised seminary instruction merged with community-based service to the Church, gives the TBI learner theological and practical skills for the equipping of the Saints and outreach to the world.

W.P. "Ab" Abercrombie, Ph.D.

Founder & Director

The Biblical Counseling Institute