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Telos and Accreditation

Telos Biblical Institute is decidedly and intentionally not accredited*, and we believe that's a very good thing for our students and the churches they serve!

It is all too common nowadays for Christian workers to ask whether a theological institution is accredited. In some sense this is understandable: no one wants to sign up with one of those "diploma mills." However, it must be stressed that accreditation does not guarantee good theological and biblical training. One only has to glance at the polls of today's pastors to see that doctrine and biblical exposition are viewed as of little value for the ministry by many seminary-trained pastors, missionaries and Christian workers.

In our opinion (and it is shared by many on the faculties of accredited seminaries), accreditation is an expensive, misdirected and futile attempt to gain the world's approval (not to mention funding).

In our opinion... accreditation is an expensive, misdirected and futile attempt to gain the world's approval

It inherently involves great expense, diffused and watered down doctrine by enforced cross-pollenation with dissimilar seminaries, an emphasis on administrative and staff pay scales and facilities that have little to do with theological competence. A generation ago, virtually no Bible college or seminary was accredited. Historically, the terms "Doctor", "Master" and "Bachelor" referred strictly to theological levels of competence recognized by the church; they were not secular degrees. Of course, if one is to be trained as a scientist, nurse, or lawyer, it is necessary to have an accredited degree. But God's truth is not the world's province. It belongs to the body of Christ - the pillar and foundation of the truth, ministered by the Holy Spirit, and we firmly believe that it should not have an outrageous price-tag appended to it. In the 2nd century Tertullian chided those who wanted the church to be judged by the world's standards, "What has Athens to do with Jerusalem, or the Academy with the Church?"

What has Athens to do with Jerusalem, or the Academy with the Church? - Tertullian

Telos Biblical Institute exists to provide solid training to all at a fraction of the price available elsewhere. At the same time, we do accrue endorsements from academicians for our courses and maintain a well-earned reputation for academic rigor and quality. This was Martyn Lloyd-Jones' opinion of a seminary and it is ours.

Therefore, TBI is not for everyone. If you simply must have an accredited degree you should look elsewhere. Telos is not for those who wish to climb clerical career ladders. But if your concern is doctrinal integrity, Biblical competence, personal attention and serious study, and if you are convinced that good stewardship means using the Lord's money wisely while coming to accurately and deeply know His Truth, an education at TBI can be an excellent fit.

*TBI grants theological degrees, in compliance with California Education Code Section 94874(e)(1).