Biblical Covenants - Consistent Hermeneutics

Telos Theological Ministries

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Telos Biblical Institute Policies

Telos Biblical Institute exists for the training and edification of God's people.  Although we do not require full assent to our Statement of Faith, we do insist that all would-be students agree with the following:

  1. The fundamental doctrines set out in the Apostle's Creed
  2. The Biblical view of Marriage as outlined in our Statement of Faith under "Creation"
  3. The "Christian Mind and Worldview" as outlined in our Statement of Faith
  4. You must be a born-again believer (John 3) in Jesus Christ
  5. To be honest and forthright in their dealings with TBI
  6. Distance education requires a particular kind of self-discipline, diligence and self-pacing in scheduling compared to the set schedule of on-campus classes.  Hence, each student must be a diligent and timely steward regarding coursework, assignments and interaction with instructors
  7. Remember that everything we do is done before the LORD